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Ali Jude Uchenna

Ali Jude Uchenna 

Consul from Ebonyi State , Nigeria

Ali Jude Uchenna is a young painter born into the family of Mr and Mrs James Amah, in Akiyi Nkalagu Ishielu L.G.A Ebonyi Nigeria. Ali is a young bard, a researcher, a lyricist, a wordsmith, and also constructive critic already affecting the world positively with his powerful and therapeutic ink. Uchenna as an international award winning author, has gotten over twenty powerful medals in the field of global literature, these include a Bronze medal from mottivational strips India, a Golden globe medal from Maria Elena Vincente, Las Vegas, Certificate of excellence from Dr Jose Agonzales, Cuban American Cultural Festival, and a Diploma de Honour from Moises Aguilar.




Like a distant mirror

Accross the horizon

Reflecting life and it's meaning

Standing as a weapon against injustice

To subdue the terror that dwells within

Speaking love, peace' and harmony

And uplifting the power of cosmic togetherness...


One man in diverse genre

A PROSE that educates the mind

A DRAMA that entertains the heart

And a POETRY that waters the soul

And speaks for every voices wallowing

 perambulating in the wilderness...


Literature is an oracle!

A sacred god that perforate the heart

of the wicked, and heals the souls of

the  depressed,  with  a  painful  truth Gushing down from the brush of painters, The centre of truth, where the voices of the dumbs are heard loudly....


Like a tree of Vine

That sprout and stands Divine

To  exhibit  the  love  of  a  Dove

Fruit it gives to human and animal

Shade it gives to every  creatures

To cover them from the crazy and scorching sunlight........


It's a friend beyond friend!

And a brother beyond brotherhood,

Ask those comedy films that made

you smile, that moment you were angry,

If they aren't a good friend?


Literature isn't just a mirror of life

It's  life,   and   life  itself

We are born in it just as it

was  born  dwelling in us......


Yesterday is a history literature

Today  is  a  visible  literature

And tomorrow lies another literature

That stands as company to mankind

and mother Earth.....


Literature is the WORLD

The  WORLD  is  Literature

And the world remains void

without Literature.




Behind a vision

Not even a fiction

I  saw  a  phantom

On a steedy motion


To an unknown destination

With zeal and desperation....


Like the world is under destruction

Like the Earth is under devastation


But before a junction

Full of uction and functions


I saw a pretty angel

On  a  white apparel


Could this be I'm out of bed?

Could it be I'm down and dead?


Was my spirit harmed,

By the invisible armed man?


Then I asked if there's a rest-house

Then I asked If there's any restaurant


Where I could get some food

Where I can buy some fruit....


For inside me i'm hungry........

And outside me I'm angry.......


But he pointed towards a boundary

With a lot of people, that could form

a country!


Then I thought I've got to wembling,

Where I could sit and watch Man City

Defeat Man Chester...


But it was a land for no man to hail!

A juncture that connects heaven to hell


Then I checked my back

To run back home like jack.....


But there lies no road nor track

Everywhere  is  now  a  trap....


Then I cried to the angels,

To permit me through the gate of heaven, For a traffic jam' lies in the gate of hell


But he said I am dirty,

And can't enter the city!


I searched for purgatory

To apply for purification,


But there was no purgatory!

But couldn't find purgatory o' man!


Then I asked if I could return to earth

To make my ways right, and give my

life to Christ...


But a voice came! sprang and bang!

Go back to the earth, tell the world to repent!


To amend their ways!

For hell is reall, and heaven is reall

But there Is no space in the gate of hell!


For the numbers for sinners

Trooping in every day as spirits!

Are far beyond the number of saints!


Tell them!, O' please tell them!

For it shall profit a man nothing,

To inherit the earth and loose his soul.




Life is but a living



A dead man that lies

in the casket of time


Like a blue quill on a

blue paper.....


Beautiful but



Like a rainbow across

the horizon....


Beautiful it entails!


Like a diamond before

the twilight...


Beautiful it dwells!


But where does thy beauty

dwells with time?


O' where does thy true color

lies tomorrow?


Under the hungry mouth

of the invisible armed man


Beneath the stomach of the

red Earth......


To fertile the land,

And to feed the termite.


©® Ali Jude Uchenna.




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