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Salman Fawaz Adewale

Salman Fawaz Adewale

Consul - Osun state in Nigeria

A  member of International African Writers Association , Poet , Writer and Scholar  from Nigeria.Many of his poems and stories are published in Nigeria , Africa and elsewhere .


Miembro de la Asociación Internacional de Escritores Africanos, Poeta, Escritor y Académico de Nigeria. Muchos de sus poemas e historias se publican en Nigeria, Africa y otros lugares.




 That foetus shall stroll

 And the young shall grow

 That the scope of hope to cope

 Has been eaten up by the Land Beasts.

 That the Whales of this ferocious Land

 Have opened their sabre-toothed mouths

 To hunt on laughter of common men

 And take them to an abysmal of abyss.

 That the Hawks of this Crime City

 Have pricken on dreams

 And the aspirations of tomorrow

 Have been rolled up as heaps of nothingness.

 That in the air are scary Flights

 And on the water, hungry Sharks

 Where else to trace signs of Commoners

 Has been blanketed with looming dangers.

 That above the bright blue sky

 Has been duveted with solace of grace

 That serenity is above the translucent sky  But why is it so faraway from this land.



 (In the telling course)


 I have travelled many roads,

 Down the paved and horrible holes,

 Where stars of lies appear by noon bright,  And the real ceases to come by night.


 Who really knows maybe the truth is the deads?

 in this world of flesh or maybe we have scorpions in our heads,  Who knows what transpired between the wise and the dafts,  The seers are the blinds in our page of drafts.


 I remember the last time we dine ruthlessly,  As we wine restlessly we die rootlessly,  Who among us knows what tomorrows hold,  Our stories were rust and we had them untold.


 The last time we were anguished in our ambush,  It was a patent patience to sell our birthright,  And into the darkest pit we were given a sudden push,  Hear us singing to mercy of dirge the caricature of our right.


 Yet I still hope to travel more of these roads,  Maybe I forget all that has life shall die,  These memories I have long had,  Hearing the last whistle I shuttle my cork.





 LET GO of the tender and tenous trappings of the past,  That has past so fast you should'nt allow the defeat to last,  Or of the disdain incidence and sorrow,  Of bygones that buried your hearts in awful furrow.


 LET GO of predicaments that travelled your world slowly like sun, From east to west, forget the torments never quit the run,  LET GO of foes like friends that implanted in you terrible fears,  In yesteryears that painted your face with tears.


 LET GO of sins and hatred of what exist,  Of quarrels and grudges you should desist,  To soar you must fledge in the atmosphere of now,  You are the now of the present now and the future is now.


 When roads seem unclear and there's nowhere again to go,  LET GO of depression it is your hope you should hold,  If you still desire the effort to have counts on success,  There are things to LET GO to see no duress.



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