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Arabambi Joseph Adewale

Arabambi Joseph Adewale

Consul of Minna state in Nigeria

is a Christain. Christian,A Special Educator

A Writer and a Poet from Minna Nigeria.



Nature is so awesome

That its power in the greens is colorful

And that in the blues and its inhabitant is perfect

The sky is smooth and plain to tread

The ground hard and crystallized to accommodate feet

Sun showing its wonder at the due season

Stars shinning bright through at vast distance

Air blowing of its will sourcing from no known destination

Birds swimming in the vast open clear space

Trees stands and never for once tired

Fishes perfect in the waters and stand not a chance out it

But nothing has a face and not a back

Nature can also be disastrous and terrible

The desert stands the other face of nature

Dry season, its sledge hammer to its beauty

And night the existence of its balance hands

Seasons in and out makes nature resourceful and circular

Its influence on everything known is functional

The cloud raises its tear to comfort the land

And the sun the licks it to perfect the comfort

But who made nature what it is?

Who made it in its perfect life?

Its knowledge so deep than the known deeps

Its function is higher than that of kilanmajaro

Is there anyone behind its high sounds?

Or can it be it came to being by its own will?

Then if by it accord it sails

Nothing is then as great as nature

If its control all things all things in its hands alone

Then, there is nothing like nature




Sounds like Owl's

Echoing just as ocean sarcastic smile

Rising from the heart of the dark

Calling out to the lost and careless

To carol to the rhythmical sounds

Which infandously fuses out of the esoteric Ogido

A conjured sound from the breath of the deities

The call to work of the invisible mysteries

Sounds that makes demons and spirits merry

Accompanied by sonorous song of life

Rendered by the souls of the deep

To fill the lips of those vanquished of their rights and credence

And make them merry in their ignorance and irrationality

Leading the dogmatic to the forest of higgledy-piggledy

To dance and feast at their detriment

Fooling themselves with their fallacious erudition

Offering vitiate encomium to the Almighty

They dance like demons, even in the church

Theologers they feel that they manipulate the divine word.

Can a kid be given to the lioness to breastfeed

Let it not be mention nor seen amidst you any longer

You are not demons, but gods




The cup of life I bring thee

Why not diligently have a sip?

Ocean of words is today before thee

Why not gather and have a toast?

A word is said to be enough for the wise

But, what of the numerous irrationals?

The vast soothing wise water of words

Have I bring to your dark table

Why not turn reasonable drunkard?

For the kid won't forever be milked

Dear generation of gullible

Moon will not always smile at dusk

Perfect swine of ignorant

The perfect tick is here

For the mountains to flow

The ship's horn is blasted

The sun should stands to its reasonable functions

And the birds stop chirping and speak

For others to diligently listen

Just for the sake of the innocents

Why not displace the intruding smoke

To secure the well being of the yet to come

For the dawn is at the doorpost

The grass cutter I'd said to take on its child's when old

The high sounding drum has to stop

To prevent a disastrous tomorrow

The bell of wise is rung

For the fertile ears to understand

Let's call on a reasonable gathering

To authenticate a bright future

Wise up saith the ranging voice of the SAGE.



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