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Ambassador of Poets Of The World - Nigeria

NGOZI OLIVIA OSUOHA is a Nigerian poet/writer/¬thinker, a graduate of Estate Management with experience in Banking and Broadcasting. She has published over one hundred and fifty poems in over thirteen countries and featured in over twenty international anthologies.

She has published three poetry books and coauthored one, they are THE TRANSFORMATION TRAIN, LETTER TO MY UNBORN, SENSATION and TROPICAL ESCAPE respectively. She writes hymns, psalms and has numerous words on the marble. All her books are record breakers.




Dear Notre Dame

 Sorry for the flame

 You, I have not come to blame

 Rather to beg in shame,

 We are lame

 So I need no fame

 Because it hunts like game.


Please send us some billions

 For we starve upon religions

 And wander through regions.


Dear Notre Dame

 Our children are hungry

 And our babies die of diseases,

 Pregnant women are unsafe

 And orphans are homeless,

 Please send us some billions.


Our soldiers rot in forests

 And our pensioners are bedridden,

 Our graduates are jobless

 And our teachers are unpaid,

 Our schools are dilapidated

 And our schemes outdated,

 Please send us some billions.


Dear Notre Dame

 Our roads are graves

 They bury young hopes and dreams,

 Our system is dark

 They leave marks on us

 Our laws are poems

 And constitutions are songs,

 O dear Notre Dame

 We need some billions.


Look not on our leaders

 We have none,

 Look not on our models

 They deceive and betray

 Look not on our representatives

 They are selfish and greedy,

 O Notre Dame

 Take pity on us.


We have gold

 We have oil,

 We have resources

 We have sources,

 But they are our pain and loss.


They killed cocoa and cotton

 They killed groundnut and palm oil

 Because they wanted to recolonize us,

 Of course, they succeeded.


No freedom, whatsoever

 Except theirs, to dehumanize

 They rip, they whip, they strip, they tip  Our hip is gone, and lip scattered  So lawless a cabal  O dear Notre Dame  Turn some billions this way.


God lives in us

 He dwells in our heart

 Feed our heart for Him

 Lest, He be homeless.


Politics has finished us

 Religion has bound us

 Governance has cursed us,

 We are perpetual slaves

 Tied, flogged, raped, and tortured

 O Notre Dame

 We are humans too.


You brought us Christianity

 You taught us civilization,

 Till date we struggle and die

 Because those things haunt us.


The quest for power is a cancer

 The urge to keep it is a demon

 The anxiety to bury it is a monster

 To them that's all that matter.


All things work against us

 Even our heart, body and soul

 Our soldiers need not live

 Our elders have to die,

 Our past is bruised

 Our present is hell

 Our future is silenced

 Our God dares not come,

 O Notre Dame

 Some billions this way, please.


Africa is rich

 Blessed, bold and black

 Africa is great

 Raw, real and proud,

 Yet, dark and blind

 Archaic and stuck,

 Mocked and locked

 Sealed, never healed.


Dear Notre Dame

 Bless Africa for once

 A few billions can help

 Let this pain go away.


No launching yet, billions roll in

 Can you contain all these?

 Please fling some billions this way

 Let Africa drink clean water

 And breathe some fresh air.


If you mend and heal

 If you cure and care,

 If you love and save

 If you will and fill

 Feel this pain, stop this longing

 And be the lead.


Africa is in trouble

 Forget how they paint her

 She is dumb, they made her

 She dares not cry

 For she is forbidden,

 Please hearken dear Notre Dame.




Deep well of fairy tale

 Steep wall of free tail,

 Hidden table of fatty food

 Healthy mat of frozen mood.


Crush world of worldly crush

 Child's play of vast field,

 Nest for best rest

 Guests guessing, and gazing.


Cage of secret lust

 Cave of silent whispers,

 Forest of game hunting

 Land of unsure dealings.


Gatherings, furthering, slandering,

 Wandering, wondering, plundering

 Loitering, meandering, mongering

 Inbox, a place of wonderment.


Jets flying our nude

 Missiles bombing our Jude,

 Rockets rising our dude.


Deals, dirty and clean

 Words, pure and sure

 Songs, loud and clear

 Plays, real and fake,

 Inbox, a place of wonders.


Married, become single

 Single, wanna mingle

 Coupled, hide the jingle

 Heartbroken, blow the beagle,

 Inbox, a terrain not so plain.


Admirers and acquaintances

 Haters and abusers

 Lovers and deceivers

 All, in green chat heads.


Mockery, mockers

 Blockades, blockheads, blockers

 Visitors; friends and foes

 Chameleons, crocodiles, dragons

 Lions, tigers, wolves, parrots and pigeons  Pigs, snakes, bats

 Animals: two legs and four legs

 Hovering, conniving, confusing and colliding,  Inbox, a route of surprises.


Gossip bar, drinking salon

 Sinking mirage, bloated miracle

 Sandy cloud, cold sun

 Hard rain, dark moon

 Hot air, stuffy breeze

 Alarming clock, quiet time

 Chatter boxes, wagging wags

 Astonishing doubters, amazing believers  Inbox, a vault of ultimate search.


A box of boxers boxing boxers

 A siege of seizure ceasing breathing

 Salient move for interrogation

 Pigeonhole of investigation,

 Airbag, airborne, airbase, Airbus

 Inbox, a track of secrets.


Big boys jam

 Slay queens harm

 Boys slay big queens

 Queen boys slay big

 Boys jam, queens harm

 Charms, arms, farms, bigger lay

 Inbox, a vine of assorted wine.




Dear sex

 You are a god

 And a creator,

 You make and mar.


Dear sex

 You are a deity

 And a shrine,

 You bless and curse.


Dear sex

 You are a calling

 And a vocation,

 You pay and borrow.


Dear sex

 You are a pleasure

 And a leisure,

 You kill and save.


Dear sex

 You are a necessity

 And a choice,

 You tempt and lure.


Dear sex

 You are an alternative

 You satisfy and compel,

 You push and crush.


Dear sex

 You are a need

 And a craving,

 You force and rape.


Dear sex

 You are a dog

 And a pig,

 You bite and dirty.


Dear sex

 You are a chameleon

 And a dragon,

 You change and burn.


Dear sex

 You are a hunter

 And a killer,

 You shoot and waste.


Dear sex

 You are a rapist

 And an opportunist,

 You overpower and overwhelm.


Dear sex

 You are a disaster

 And a mischief,

 You devastate and ruin.


Dear sex

 You are a joker

 And a choker,

 You trap and suffocate.


Dear sex

 You are a beast

 And a lion,

 You tear and shatter.


Dear sex

 You are a magnet

 And a diamond,

 You attract and blind.


Dear sex

 You are a ruler

 And a leader,

 You order and mislead.


Dear sex

 You are a government

 And a panel,

 You quash and manoeuvre.


Dear sex

 You are a terror

 And a horror,

 You capture and detain.


Dear sex

 You are a grave

 And a cemetery,

 You bury and cement.


Dear sex

 You are a myth

 And a superstition,

 You influence and decide.


Dear sex

 You are a coven

 And a skeleton,

 You meander and manipulate.


Dear sex

 You are a ditch

 And a witch,

 You halt and hurt.


Dear sex

 You are a peg

 And a spell,

 You castigate and rubbish.


Dear sex

 You are a mountain

 And a fountain,

 You exhaust and tire.


Dear sex

 You are a green snake

 On a green grass,

 Deceitful and blindfolding.


Dear sex

 You are gallows

 And Golgotha,

 You behead and murder.


Dear sex

 You are terminal

 And sickening,

 You posses and destroy.


Dear sex

 You are a coward

 And a fool,

 You misbehave and malpractice.


Dear sex

 You have turned ungodly

 And made yourself a lord,

 You have become an army

 Going on rampage,

 Killing, looting, and scattering homes.


Dear sex

 From where did you get such power, this quest, so greatly devastating, appalling, alarming, disuniting, disorienting, dismembering and incapacitating?



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