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Gelase Magnificat

Gélase Magnificat

Rwandan Consul


Her meteor


Actually I am not a good forecaster

And She was not that good forecaster

Audibly none is that perfect worthily

Adducing, we all are artists worthily.


But she did not know well to count

Boldly, to count meteor’s step out.

Bustle, it came and took her wholly

Wholly handing her tickling beauty.


Cruelly, curtained from her bathroom

Carted from bathroom to dead’s room

Crowned, it eternally took her wholly

Wholly handing her tickling beauty.


Definitely, she is an elevated artist

Decorously, a perfect-enough artist

Descent artist to design a post-life.

Wholly she had a  tickling beauty.


Educator she did became ever since

Ever since a cursed meteor took her.

Evaporated, she did leave me empty

Empty, fully, without a matriarch.


The motherland


Sitting at the high peak

Staring at the motherldand

Overlooking mounts and plains

Comfortable with that good temper

Ohh pride of motherland


You know when when you mind looks back

And remembers what occurred

What occurred on that beloved motherland

Other people sitting back, oh spectators.

Period of sorrow.


Don’t you remember all the years in unity?

Doing many things with dignity

Wanting to prosper at a stretch

Instead came a tragedy to endure

The kinship was left out without a hand


What a relief today and now

I have now the reason

The reason of the inspiration I have got

Considering that position I am taking

The temper is not a disturbing one


Remember when we saw fellows

Quarreling with one another

Basing on our blindness

Blindness that embraced our culture

The malicious divide-and-rule philosophy

Gave the unexpected outrageous outcomes


Isolated many years ago

Left alone in a way to go

A heroic deed took place

The plot against – no way

I can see the lapse of rescue


You really need to be reminded

And also satay updated

The motherland is now our golden shell

The mother is always enviable


If you can recap that story

A spending cozy-making night

Spent in the city of moms

Guests rested better than hopped

All because the motherland is comfortable.


Idioms have failed to define it

Spectators were amazed – eyes open wide

The scent of the good-being of our motherland

Perplexed their mind without a hand

The motherland, the motherland


Not quite sure that you have ever hugged

Gave a huge hug to the happiness

The happiness of that land

The happiness without shores

The happiness that runs in their veins 


The motherland is always beautiful

The motherland is always wonderful

The motherland is always cheerful

The motherland is always enviable and comfortable.

The motherland is always enviable.



Since the day she escaped

She escaped the big womb

She bothered to the roots.

Her age was a so called bother.

Age, Age, Age.


Crawled daily, here and there,

Crawled and broke the mirror.

Furious, that mother was to her;

For she was young, it was fair.

Age, Age, Age.


Walking, stepping, and nibbling

Was a good age to be proud of;

Well, she swallowed a tiny pin;

Furious that mother was to her.

Age, Age, Age.


As growing up older means,

Allocating all responsibilities.

Accidentally, a coal hit her toe.

Furious her mother was to her.

Age, Age, Age.


Unknowing when to be old enough,

Uttering reds came out on daylight.

Ushering it, she asked the mother;

“Ugh, you, when will you grow up?”

How furious her mother was to her.

Age, Age, Age.


Hair belongs to adolescence – we know.

Hulking, to be well seen with hommes,

High prices the hair brought to family.

How furious her mother was to her later.

Age, Age, Age.


Dowry was fully paid for her

Deemed the matriarch was.

Dreaming to be old enough,

Dearly, needed age was sued.

Age, Age, Age.


Early tweets blooming with her

Echoes of the rays got her on crockery

Evenings succumbed her with pregnancy.

Every day, her husband was furious to her.

Encrypted to be too numb and dumb to him.

Age, Age, Age.


Sympathized the ages to be fair,

Useless her voice was to them

Cunning, she tamed and tamed

Killing herself in the others’ lens

To prove old enough to the deeds.

Age, Age, Age.


Caught herself after debilitation

Caged her age away from measures

Cuffed her hurt soul in the rampage

Curbed herself not to bother anymore.

Age, Age, age.




I have got a language

The language I speak in

The language I understand more

The language that I do not understand

The language people like

The language people do not like.


There is a voice that comforts

That makes people move

That makes statutes move

That shakes the worlds.


You need to learn it

To understand it better

But you do not even have to learn it

Because you are born with it.


The vain hunted my heart

The sorrow was my breakfast

I cried in my bedsheet onward

People named me coward

I was fully an awkward.


I have got a love

I have fallen in love.


Someone, now, hears me

Someone, now, heals me

Someone, now, knows me.

Someone I am telling my secrets


I understand hers merely

She gave me sweet life.


Poetry gave me life

It brought me back to life

Poetry understands my steps

Poetry is my love

Poetry is mu crush.


Learn the world

    Boy learn what you hear 
   Chew well what you feel
  World ain't your shelter

 You are your own home

    Wealth is never your fate 
  Wisdom ain’t your cake 
  Alone is ever  your hut
     Listen  well and digest  

      Thy flesh is rotten and dead 
        Your brain is ever rusted   
         Your hands meant to serve 
     Listen and learn boy

Smile & laugh eternally

For the world won’t know 
Miss and suffer more

For none is on your way
Cry and be joyful youngman

For none is your napkin
Boy learn what you see 
Chew well what you feel
Have a look and see

You are your own home
The world isn’t your home

You are your own home.

To be continued…


Everyone goes but she stays

Blind and unable to walk

Deaf and unable to express self

The hell left her alone screaming

And she stayed, on you, with you.


Lied and cuffed her soul 

For your soul to live long

sentenced and cut open

and she stayed, on you, with you.


Dumped her, got other soul owner

New soul owner the one you gave all.

Dumped you, went returnless to your laces

Forgot real her as if she was dead long ago


But her, the real her you are from

She called with a hurt heart, she misses you

She called to check on you

She stayed on you, and with you.


Post college – everywhere no job

Everyone took a flight opposite you

She called and welcomed you home

Gave you the same hug.

She stayed on you, with you.


Everyone went away, but she stayed.

She, the real, women.

The real mother – I meant.


Odeur du développment


Nous vivions dans les cabanes éparpillées

Nous vivions naturellement que les oiseaux

Ni route macadamise[i] et ni véhicule Karlisé[ii]

Neamoins, l'harmonie nous nous a fait les cithares.


Les jours prochains, nous avions le visiteurs

Les visiteurs bien costumes nous a surpris

L'harmonisation et les cithares sont subis

Les plans des nos cabanes sont étaient signés.


Mokoundji, mon grand père, a était buché

Mes yeux n'obtiennent plus le même panorama

Mon nez ne sent plus l'odeur fraternelle

Ma cabane est tout enterrée.


Pour évider le développment promis

Plus de toute la campagne a été promis

Plus de belle maison bien cimentées

Plus de promesses d'appairer avec nous.


Quelle terre les si-disant grand nous ont dis

Querrelles avec ces bureaux sont pour toujours

Quartier d'agriculture est maintenent l'habitoire.

Quoi on peut appeler ça ?


La même odeur m'a visité

La même odeur a soufflé mon champ

Le champ de manioc dans un terrain

Le terrain pour le château de ministrillon.


Je prie toujours de midi à quatorze heure

Je m'engage dans leur odeur qu'ils veulent que j'exhalent

Je me trouve toujours au bord de trépas.


Confrère, laboratisez cette odeur

Preparez bien cette odeur et le dilue

Echantionner nous, avant d'imprimer

Cette Odeur du development.


[i] Macadamiser qui signifie faire une route moderne. Le verbe vient de nom "Mac Adam"; Curateur des routes en Écosse puis à Bristol, il fut le premier à mettre en oeuvre le système de revêtement des routes à l'aide de pierres cassées, qui porte à présent son nom, le macadam.

[ii] Vehicule Karliser qui est attribue pour dire le véhicule moderne. Viens de Karl Benz, le premier a inventé une voiture.





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