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CONSUL -AUTHOR OMWA OMBARA – Omwa Ombara is a Political Asylee, an investigative journalist, poet, vocalist, performing and visual artist. She is author of a Memoir, “God’s Child on The Run.” She holds a postgraduate diploma in journalism and mass communication and a BA degree from the University of Nairobi. She is a former Bureau Chief, The Standard Group, Co-founder of Tujipange Africa Media and #Kumechacha Africa Diaspora Saturday Breakfast Show in US. Her passion for standing up to power and corrupt leaders in the media circles is unmatched. Her experience in journalism spans 20 years.


Cónsul-autora OMBARA ombará – Omwa Ombara es un asilado político, un periodista investigador, poeta, vocalista, artista intérprete y visual. Es autora de una Memoir, "el hijo de Dios en la carrera". Tiene un diploma de postgrado en periodismo y comunicación masiva y un título de licenciatura de la Universidad de Nairobi. Ella es una ex jefe de la oficina, el grupo estándar, cofundador de Tujipange Africa media y #Kumechacha Africa Diaspora Saturday Breakfast show en Estados Unidos. Su pasión por defender al poder y a los líderes corruptos en los círculos de los medios de comunicación es inigualable. Su experiencia en el periodismo abarca 20 años.


Grieve not for earthly treasures
Lost umpteenth times along the way
Mortal pleasures that seem so heavenly,
Delicious, enticing, tantalizing, safe
Smile and be grateful for what nature's
placed along your way
There are many that fell along the path, who missed nature’s tray

Be not contented with earthly gifts -
These are mere tools
Life fondly offers
To help us survive through the journey
Whose rugged paths and slippery highways
Make it unsafe from time to time

The journey from mysterious worlds -
From other worlds that were before I was
Through this world which is, where I am
Until I cross over to yonder shores, where I shall be
Where the sun sets in its full splendor and glory and never tires
Where spirits rest and dwellers’ fate lie deep
In a secret world hidden in nature’s womb

A world I shall forego, when I grow old and weary
To future worlds still unknown

Sometimes we tend to cling
And hold on to nature’s gifts so dearly
Like ticks behind the ears of a sickly cow
Yet these are only temporary kits
To guide us through the journey
When weary feet that long have trod
And weary hearts that thirst for drinks
Make their “final” journey

Material things like food and shoes and vanity
And farms and trees and cars and gold and power
Are mere earthly pleasures we shall soon forego
For use by other pilgrims, just like those before us did
And those to come will in the never ending passage of lives sojourn
To worlds both known and unknown

Grieve not for earthly treasures
Trust not in earthly pleasures
Lost somewhere along the way
Shed off mortal passions that seem heavenly
Delicious, safe, enticing
Enjoy it, treasure it, savor it, then let it go!



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