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Zeljko Knezevic

Željko Knežević

Željko Knežević was born on September 9, 1956 in Šibenik. He studied geology in Belgrade, where he graduated and obtained his master's degree, and went on to his postgraduate training at ETH Zürich. He has lived and worked in Switzerland, temporarily, for 20 years.

His book of poetry "To the Father and the Son" (Atelje 63, Aleksinac, Serbia) was published in 2003. A collection of aphorisms titled "Water and Wine" (BKC, Novo Miloševo, Serbia) was published in 2010.

Book "The Garland of Alphabet" was published by “Sven”, Niš, Serbia in 2011. After are published: “Looking in the skies”; “Skyviews”; “Destiny smile”; “Call of Hearth”…

He is the editor of three poetry anthologies by the literary circle of authors living in Switzerland.

In 1995 he became the founder of Tenenum Art Project, which stands as a multicultural and multimedia association.

Its projects and activities include theatrical performances, exhibitions of paintings and photography, ethno, jazz and blues music concerts, poetry soirees, humanitarian aids, etc.

His works have been published in various literary collections and anthologies, both in Serbia and abroad, and translated into German, English, Italian and Swedish language.




Gazing through the window

mesmerized by a tree

where sunlit branches,

twinkle all green.


Fluttering and dancing

so pretty and crisp,

those emerald leaves,

as daydream and kiss

in a bliss...

as reflection

on a screen

as a raindrop

on the window.

Someone sings,

in another room,

about partition...

about Metohija...

joyful, but sad,

and the light

that crucifies me,

is closer...

I tremble.




Before you,

before the beginning,

I was nothing,

above the water,

so muddy and dark

I was floating

in a tunnel.

Mice and rats

swimming and chasing,

grow to be

heavier and heavier,

I sank,

shivering, my bones full of damp

in a blackness

of the channel

(Let’s say “Grande”)

Then a fresh ray of hope


for you,

for me.

As I was taking off

On your wings,

I started to sing,

And I still do

even now,

... speechless,

and I still fly

even now,



Gone with a train


Girl in red

is gone like a dove,

Only her face

remains in my eyes.


All is happiness,

All is love.

Her red shirt and her red hair,

waving in a wind.

The tower where we stay

is high, very high,

She smiles in the corner of her lips

Will I get down?

(You may).


Red, I see only red

everywhere red,

even where black is

red is blinking.

Fire and fever

all around me.


A tearless break.

Should I start running after?

Should I run away?

(Go girl, go)

The train for Graz

is moving away.

Good luck,

I say.




When it snows

It is all covered

Snowflakes dance

Like butterflies.


When it snows

It's all covered

All my traces

are covered


all my failures.


The branches

The grass

A snow hat

Covered them all.



like a destiny

Hide them all

Under very main colour

Of the mighty Painter.


With easy,

The snow is singing cold

With loneliness

Under the boots,

The winter is squeaking

This Winter.

A sister winter.


Without you


Without you

There is no Sun

There is no air



Without you

There is no me

There is no life

in me


is dull!


Without you

I just exist

And decay



Without you

There is nothing

Everything is nothing

When you are not here.


Who is going

to love me

Without you?

And who am I

going to love

so alone?


Bez tebe


Bez tebe

Sunca nema

Ni vazduha nema.

Samo ništa!


Bez tebe

Nema ni mene

Ni života nema.



Bez tebe

Ništa nije




Bez tebe

Samo životarim

Samo tavorim.



Bez tebe

Teško dišem

Tužno je.



Bez tebe

Nema ljubavi,

ni poljubaca.



Bez tebe

Ja nisam ja

Samo ja

Ali bez tebe.


Bez tebe

Ništa nema

Sve je ništa

Bez tebe.


Translator: Diana Taylor




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