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Mirjana Markovic

Mirjana Markovic

Mirjana Markovic was born in 1965 in Osijek, Croatia. She graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy, in Novi Sad, History Department and was granted a title Professor of History. At the Faculty of Political Science in Belgrade she completed specialization studies in the course Political Parties and Elections and was granted a professional title: Branch Politics Expert - Specialist for Political Parties and Elections. At present employed in Municipal administration of city Sremska Mitrovica Sector for culture, sports and youth .
She was engaged for many years in drama arts, directed many theater plays and was the head of the Drama Studio “Arts” in Cultural Centre Sirmiumart. She also managed many projects that were supported by various organizations like the Fund for Open Society, Save the Children, EAR, Help, etc.
A number of projects she did with Roms and initiated a facultative lecturing in Roma language in 2001 at the school “Dobrosav Radosavljevic Narod” that is still going on. She directed plays “Jon People Foks” by Dusko Radovic and :”Blood Wedding” by F.G. Lorka with Rom actors who are members of the Association for Rom Culture and Education “Bare Jaga” in Macvanska Mitrovica. The plays were broadcasted on TV Novi Sad and played in many city theaters in Serbia as well. .
She published seven books of poems “Soul Disclosure” (2005), “Cobweb of Pleasure” (2006), “Be My morning” (2007) and “Great Fires”/”Bare Jaga” (2008), the bilingual book in serbian and rom languages, “I am painting night in blue” (2009), „Infected by love“  (2011) the bilingual book in serbian and japanese , “Sculptor” ( 2012) and two  novel  “Intriguingly sticky” (2011), “ Click” (2015)
Mirjana is president of the Literature Association of Sremska Mitrovica.and a member of Writers Association of Vojvodina, and a member of Writers Association of Serbia.



I’m patchworking my days
Money is lacking even for bread
It’s a great sorrow
I cannot beg or steal any longer
I’m fed up with all that
If I could only ride horses
on empty fields
even if it costs me life
I’m patchworking my days
A pipe of tobacco is almost finished
I keep quiet and swallow
I don’t want anybody
to know about my trouble.



I’m sometimes a cold rock
colder than iceberg
as if I am robbed of words
but your eyes
know me best of all
I’m sometimes a plain
swept by howling winds and storms
and if you only touch my holy spot
I’m going to bite you
worse than a mad bitch.
I’m the heat of a desert
I’ll set on you a flame of love
and you won’t bear to be without me
my sooty angel


A violin,
A Gypsy Beauty,
An overcroweded pub
smoke and
wine spilt,
Memories tearing at soul.
There was dancing
and singing,
and swearing,
and flash of knife pulled out
in the drunken pub,
plenty of everything.
Where's all that gone
all those Bohemia days?


Be my morning
be my silky damask quilt
Cover my lips and eyes
my night light of dawning
Be my noon
a field flowers cup o’ tea
Be a desert heat for me
to really make me happy
Be a night at river bank
appease me with a lulling sound
I wish just a little
the rest of it I gained in hardship.


by Mirjana Markovic




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