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Robert Leutwiler
Puerto Rico

Robert Leutwiler


Aqui esta una tradducion de un journal de Anne Sexton.  Cool?



                   ANNE SEXTON


p. 564   (Journal)




I begin again, Dr. Y.,

this neverland journal,

full of my own sense of filth.

Why else keep a journal, if not

to examine your own filth?


Comenzar de nuevo, Dr. Y., esta revista de neverland, lleno de mi propia sensación de suciedad. ¿Para qué llevar un diario, si no para examinar su propia inmundicia?



Before, for some reason when I listened to The Blue Nile –High and didn’t feel very impressed.   Now I think it is wonderful.  Maybe it takes time to get used to them.  What do you know about them?

I’ll check on UTube and Wiky p. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Blue_Nile 




I’m just listening to some of my CDs since the Internet is on or off.  Now it’s off.  Must be the storm.  I was going out since it looked sunny but then it started raining so here I am.


The big deal is that Café Tacuba, my favorite group in Spanish, is coming to the festival in Dorado this week end.  I’ll have to see when because maybe I can go if I can con someone in to going with me.  I was thinking one or some of your cousins but no use even mentioning it until we see about the weather.


If, as I think, this clears off quickly then maybe someone might like to go.  Otherwise, they will have to cancel.   I was listening to Chavez Ravine by Ry Cooder.  So amazing!


I am also listening to a lot of jazz and Eric Clapton.


For some reason I am listening to a lot of grundge.  It all sounds great.  I have the hits of Alice in Chains on now. Could you play a lot of those songs when you guys had the group?


Who do like the best. I can’t decide.  Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Alice, and Smashing Pumpkins?


I’ll put on Deltron 5030 until Round the Horn comes on at 5:30 today because of some games.  Interesting outer space thing.  I probably won’t get to see Café Tacuba because your mother definitely won’t go to any concert.


Another CD I hear a lot these days is Joe Zawinul – My People.  He is the power behind Weather Report.  I have been seeing them on UTUBE.  Amazing!  I like to dance a bit to these CDs to loosen up after the other exercise I get.  It helps.


Mumbai Indian Cuisine, Lambe Curry mild,  Harold,  22$ 24.53$ without tip.  Super conversation about the Fajardo Ports Union etc.


Great meal at MUMBAI INDIAN CUISINE—787-723-4141.  Just a little farther up de Diego from church on the other side of the road heading up toward Ave. Ponce de Léon.


I had curried lamb which is very spicy but I loved it.  I thought the waiter was from India because of his big black beard.  I had just gone to the French Alliance where I thought the young woman I talked to was French.  No, PR again.


Today we see new visions

 Of learning clear blue fog

Disks drop green on green on

Green all around but I need

Desperately orange


Too cool green not flashy like

Orange not as sweet to the touch

Orange accompanies my confusion and sense of loss

For Anne Sexton.  rKL




Have worked in too many places for too

Many people without just compensation-

But poets and Rimbaud were born to starve

N’est-ce pas?  Smile on this beautiful day.





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