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Chang Fang-tsu/ 張芳慈

Chang Fang-tsu/ 張芳慈

Chang Fang-tzu(b. 1964) is a teacher of arts and humanities in an elementary school. She joined “Li Poetry Society” in 1986 and founded “Whale poetess society” together with a number of poetesses in 1998. Her Hakka poem “The Flat” was performed in “Halo Dance Theater” in 2003. She hosted a project of " Hakka ladies write history” in 2004, acted as the curator of “The Eyes of Poets” and launched at the poetry festival of National Taiwan University in 2010. She won “Wu Chou Liu Poetry Award” in 1992. She has published the books of poetry including “ The Deviant” and “Red Swirl”.




        I Know You Have Been Here / 我知道你來過英譯


The sunlight breaks through

Surrounding the clouds in crevice

The tender leaves embrace the strength

Determined to extend to an encouraging path


In the wind and the rain

The spectacle changes its countenance



For those ever grew and stretched

I know you have been here


The small tree in my heart

Nourished by the death in yesterday

Let the shed today to its content

Until all is deprived by time

Only the deeply entangled roots remained




        Not only Fudafudak, the Beautiful Sand / 不只是美麗灣



Not only Fudafudak, the Beautiful Sand

What they want is their scheme

They always say

They want to exploit the wasteland

They always bear the saying

And bring the document we don’t understand

Tell us that we’ll have jobs afterwards


They won’t say

The many hectares of hills and forests

The lots acres of fertile lands

Dividing into the level grounds as they desired

How much is the price of each level ground?

They change the land category at will

After buying-out and levy


The wasteland they called

Are truly the big land that ancestors never forsake

When the stone masonry wall collapsed which were built by generations

When the people can’t find their way home

The spectacle of sea and mountain are destroyed

Can only leave our emotion in the wandering bag


They always say

Your children will have the jobs

Will be affluent for a vacation to see the sea

But we only see the groups of young people

At the brink of city

Align to receive a shredded dream



        Remarks: Fudafudak, a place name, it means “The Beautiful Sand”,

                            locates at Taitung, Taiwan.




        A Winter Afternoon of a Country /  國家冬日的午後


Szymborska read a verse about brute

”…..Ranked first the clear conscience

Out of the light

Enter into the shed of a city”

There is entrance of desire in all directions

Insisting their path when no way out

The public bus 262 with a featuring of amusing hunger

Writing conspicuously the released inferno

The five stars flag hang quietly in the street

Forwarding ”The Independent Taiwan” as a country in west gate plaza

The banner of Taiwan is prohibited from hanging so as in Asia Series

The uncollected one at the bridge end will become rag

Indifferent the country continues its nonsense diplomacy

Someone intends his historical positioning by passing the Cross Strait

Service Trade Agreement and establishment of nuclear plant

For those have been departed from the car window

Both sides of the straits wear the neon underclothes in dusk

Swaying the rising price every night

They are otherwise catchy for their unashamed conscience








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