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Catherine Yen / 顏雪花

Catherine Yen / 顏雪花

Catherine Yen, native Tainan, Taiwan, graduated from Providence University, is the Director of Asian Cultural Council, Taiwan Foundation- 33 South Group, a member of collection committee of Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, the jury of National Cultural and Arts Foundation in the field of visual arts and has retired from IBM Taiwan Corporation. She devotes herself to poetry writing in Taiwanese, English and Chinese, has won the “Wu Cho Liu” New Poetry Award”(2013) and published two collected poems: “The Thousand Years Deep” and “The Verse Stands above the Light Arrow”(2013) . She also published a book about arts review and reports entitled with “The Paragon of the Ages, the Art of Monk Xu Gu”(2003) . Her poetry/essays were frequently contributed  to“Literary Taiwan”, “Taiwan Literature and Arts Alliance”  and “Poem Hunter”.




Behind the Curtain / 幕後


Canvas on the wall

The scraper stacked the white color

Like the fermented waves

Dropped a red paint

Accidently fled from top to the button

Like a crevice

Slashed the stale closed curtain

Hiding behind the shade

Infinite the exploration

The opened wounds

Followed the bloodstain

Tracing a history without a draft


The zoom shot

Defocused the surface of time and space

The impeccable reality

Lifted the curtain faded in color

The fatigue eyes

Strode over the fault of passing years of time

Like the tape

Recorded the last sigh of every sound


Realized the unmistakable lie

And the enigmatic truth

Is a boiling force of mortal

When the strong was feeble not to hurt the weak

The weak could not but leave in fortitude

The snowflakes drifted like

The torn cotton fiber

Each wore a pair of uncoordinated shoes

Stumbling the scarlet red bloodstain on snow

Dripped into a token



If, Earth / 如果地球


If on Earth

All the leaves

Falling in a moment at the same instant


If on Earth

All the birds

Stretching their wings in a moment at the same minute…


If on Earth

All the churches

Ringing the bells in a moment at the same time...


How many decibels the shock and the fury will be?


The falling leaves submerge the earth

Flying birds overwhelm the sky

The bells deafen the people

Humen escape nowhere


Just because

The falling leaves

Birds’ wings

And bell chimes.......



Ruins / 廢墟


The land that nobody cares

Like the various boxes were thrown into the depth

of the warehouse

I do not know where it comes from

Cannot stride a single step of it


That mysterious territory

In the depth of the residents’ soul

Forever keeps the waves  storm  dusts  noise

And the fallen desolation of the sea


Incarcerated human’s mind with

The daunting sea

The voice cannot correspond

A lonely movement shed into the droplets




And human labors

The coast was casted an instant

Illusion of happiness


People put their infinite world

And fragments of the sea

Hiding in a box of one’s mind

Oblivion is like the cloud to close to them

Until the rocks are dying









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