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Shieh Bih-shiou

Shieh Bih-shiou(b. 1953)was graduated from Department of Social Sciences in National Air University and now lives in Kaohsiung, southern Taiwan. After retirement from the bank carrier in 2006, she has engaged in Non-Profit Organization(NPO)social service work so far. She won Landscape Poetry Prize in1978 and “Light in Darkness” Poetry Prize for Literature in 2003. At present, she is a member of Li(Bamboo Hat)poetry Society and Taiwan Modern Poetry Association.  Her books include “Selected poems by Shieh Bih-shiou”.


Poems by Shieh Bih-shiou


A  Cicada


Let it be lamentation

Or a singing in high glee,

I have but seven sunny days

(Though I’ve become an imago,

There remain only seven days and nights of life for me).


In order to gain a costume of cicada,

I’ve spent five years of the dark underground career,

And that without hearing, thinking or seeing

(Having no way of getting rid of the shackles

That my ancestors have handed on to me)


After having come out of the earth

I am not accustomed to showing off myself brightly;

I have to hide myself in the shade.

My all-out singing

Contains the bitter life of mine and

My tragic immolation for the sake of beauty.

                                                                 (Translated by T.Lih)



The resentment of Vase Flowers


I was cut out of the branches

and bent into every pose

as you like

in contrary the natural law


How can I sustain my life

by only a little water in the vase

without any soil

neither a trace of sunshine


Please don’t throw me away as a garbage

During my remaining hours

I am still inclined to enjoy sunshine

and willing to be finally naturalized into soil



Record vs. needle


As you silently

hide yourself within the grooves of a record

then with how fidelity can I interpret you


Such cold as you are

never take an initiative to open your mouth

then at what temperature can I warm you


Without for the sake of you

I might retire early to live in forest village

Up to now I would like still to stay

in order to bring you a good relationship with audience


We both become a united life altogether

no matter how excited or gentle

how clear in mind or grievous

always broadcasting a variety of feelings


The energy generated by friction to each other

constantly repeats various sentiments in our life

Our songs should be sung all the way

Provided that we are not too old



Birds and Water


                                 To a group of amputees and visually impaired friends


Water to the birds

Just as dancing to me


We come from different directions

solely fond of this watery area

living in the green field among dark gray

The cleanness of water soothes me

and the intense vibration of water challenges me


In this sky space

I extend my wings

due to nourishing with water

flying more beautiful and powerful



Dancing to me

Just as the water to the birds





Some people say goodbye

some encounter again

People come and fro

In the station of the life


By the way please

just leave surprises and melancholy

let shiny orange yellow and blue

entwined to become the track

at once beauty and melancholy




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