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Lee Kuei-shien
Pertenece a la Directiva

Lee Kuei-shien

Vice President for Asia and Taiwan Ambassador

Lee Kuei-shien (b. 1937)was the President of Taiwan PEN  and the chairman of National Culture and Arts Foundation. His published works include “Collected Poems” in six volumes, “Collected Essays” in 10 volumes, “Translated Poems” in 8 volumes ”,  “Anthology of European Poetry” in 25 volumes and ”Elite Poetry Series” in 18 volumes, as well as his memoires “The Jigsaw Puzzle of My Life”.  His poems in English translation include “Love is my Faith”, “Beauty of Tenderness”, “Between Islands” and “The Hour of Twilight”.  He won Merit of Asian Poet in Korea, Premier Culture Prize in Taiwan, Michael Madhusudan Poet Award in India, Poet Medal from Mongolian Cultural Foundation, and Oxford Award for Taiwan Writers.  He was nominated by International Poets Academy and Poetry Group in India as a candidate for the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2002, 2004 and 2006, respectively.


Poems by Lee Kuei-shien





“ My master is kind to me!”

My master teaches me this word only


“ My master is kind to me!”

I practice this word by day and night


Any visitor comes

I shout

“ My master is kind to me!”


My master is so pleased

to give me nice foods and drinks

inviting many visitors in appreciation of

me being smart and clever


Occasionally, my master

quite elatedly says to me

“Speak whatever you think!”


I still consistently repeat

“ My master is kind to me!”





Blood is drawn from my body

and transfused into vessel of any other

becoming a new harmonious stream


My blood begins to circulate within other body

within the body of  unknown person

at somewhere unknown place


Just like the fresh flowers

blooming on the secluded hillside

an unspeakable beauty blossoms in my heart


At somewhere unknown place

there is also transfusion on a large scale

from the bodies of collective massacred


Transfusing blood into the waste land

a place of  no sunshine

is in vain to dye the fragmentary map red


From Asia, Middle East, Africa to Latin America

a drop of  splashing blood

represents a petal gone with the wind



        One Poem for You


I write one poem for you

no rose, no nightingale

but thundering drumbeat urgently

in the cold wave at  year-end


In the cold wave at year-end

I write one poem for you

in a deep sense of your present

while you are out at my sight


While you are out of my sight

thinking about the reality of our living place

I write one poem for you

in a faith to keep our promise


In a faith to keep our promise

expecting the era of love to come

behind the iron bars of prison

I write one poem for you



        Taiwan Island


You emerge as an island

from the waves of white satin


The dense forest of black hair

drifts with longing nostalgia

The beach of soft white sands

is imprinted with numerous kisses of shells


Taking a birds-eye view from the sky

the beauty of your texture is so attractive

that I am landing onto your body thirstily


You are a mermaid

in the Pacific Ocean

the landmark of my eternal home country



                  In Granada


In my homeland

I frequently hear

the calling of mind

from Nicaragua

the fatherland of Dario

depth in my heart

from this side of Pacific coast

to the eastern coast of Taiwan

from this side of the century

to the other coast of time elapsed

from this shore of real world

to that sought in the dream

I follow the calling of mind

arriving at Nicaragua eventually

I see the people of Dario

exhibiting their brown smiles

on the fertile sunny land

In Granada, the old city

beauty and sorrow streaming

far, far from other coast of the century

friendship and dream through poetry

converging from the countries all over the world.






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