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Marina Aristo Markovic

Marina Aristo Markovic
born in Nis, (Serbia) writes children’s books, aphorisms, poems and stories.  On the International writer competition in Italy received an award for an educational and artistic value of the work “A grasshopper in the head”. She also wrote a play for children\'s theater, based on this story, under the same name. In her free time she writes aphorisms and satirical stories. One of her satirical stories is published in the famous magazine for satire and humor in Turkey “Bayan Yani”

E-mail: marina.author@gmail.com 





I am not forced or embarrassed, I am just genuinely scared for the first time in my life, but yet there is something in this carefree fear.

I accept it and I secretly wished for it, although I was not well prepared. Now at last I know how to hear the wind and it seems to me as if I know in advance what I need to do. No, no one teaches me, because something that can be known by silence, it’s impossible to explain in words.

Now, I dare more than ever, because our formless has a much clearer form of many that are considered to be form.

It is certain that I am impressed with the uncertainty, because with you I realized that the act of revealing has much more beauty than just secrets.

And even I only get to know you, as soon as I recognized you, I knew that I would easily conceive you.

I feel guided, but finally I am free.

Before you I was someone, now I am something.

Before you I’ve had the form but now I know that you formatted me. Every time when I coverage you, I am being covered. So, you\'ve become my inside form.

The fact that both of us are astonished is a clear sign that we agreed to create. And now we are silent but it’s not a big deal. We both know that this is no ordinary silence, but the one which preceded the blessing.

Even on different issues, we have the same answers, fundamentally and in a sense. Thus, even the most complicated becomes simple.

I understand that others do not understand that. And that is unfortunate.

Fortunately, we are not like others, because we are one.

We opened ourselves and thus created us, and in the persistence there is nothing complicated. Therefore, we simply exist.



The waiting


There\'s something in the waiting.

Time and thoughts to spare,

Immense desire for joining,

Sigh and gaze filled with moments rebirth of luck

and the silence more understandable then a million pronounced words.

Yet there is something in the waiting.

Then you accept everything with the sensations

and dreams are gentler and sweeter

before the day is gone

and you accept the distance but not to be distant.



When I say your name


I would say, that I will think of you today,

at least a minute more than last Wednesday.

What will happen in a week, who knows?

I know, I\'ll think, a few minutes more, maybe less?

Maybe I’ll go behind a rainbow, maybe even further?

Everyone tells me it’s autumn, in vain,

I still feel April’s wind and I find clues

and I wait for dawn and dusk walking on heaven

and skillfully weave sky for new worlds.

I know, I look a bit lost

I\'m going, and I have not moved

I\'m not that brave to parcel out the time.

Everyone tells me it’s autumn, in vain

but every time I say your name I feel like I shoot out leaves

and with it I measure night and day

and let the child to hide behind the rosy cheeks.

As long as I call your name I know I am alive.



Bad time to go to bed


It\'s a bad time to go to bed,

Cause there’s too much noise in my head

And wild dogs are waiting to tear up my dream

Oh, it\'s such a bad time to go to bed

Desire becomes poisonous as a nightshade

Colors mingle but everything turns red

All of a sudden, the stars are not so far as they seem

If I stop to resist, this night will end as an unfulfilled dream

It\'s such a bad time to go to bed

Oh, and that smile. I feel like I’m trapped

But I’m ready for any challenge

And I put my mind and my soul 

I know it would take less courage to get away

but I decided,

the day when the fear of my heart takes me over, it will be my last day

And again, that smile

It seems to happen too often

Oh, it\'s such a bad time to go to bed

Cause it’d be too bad to loose this happiness in a dream.





I\'ve found myself thinking of you, again

And though you\'re far away I can still see you clearly and wonderful,

Your pupils full of brightness and your smile that makes every moment shine,

 and your pure, childlike soul.

You may not surmise how much I miss you.

Oh, so much, I\'m beginning to imagine I saw you round the corner,

So I speed up my steps to catch up with you,

But after a while the loneliness is only I meet with.

Then in company with it, I wander till evening, non talking with it, especially not about you

And then following the stars,

I skip sighs and run,

Run until my tears evaporate,

Just to deceive the trace.

But in vain, it snuggles up next to me and doesn\'t want to separate,

Like I\'d do if I were with you.

And so entwined we together keep silent.

Then all of a sudden, I find myself thinking of you, again.

That helps me to handle the distance.






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