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Toms Crthaigh

This is what Death Looks Like

The wild stare as his last breath
His weakened lungs struggled to make
A gaping mouth as to breath
He tries, his last breath does take
Victim of savagery
They lost all they owned and had
Others thought them sub-human
In an age so wild and mad.
How men look to fellow man
And think of himself so great
That he has the right to kill
The other man he does hate?
This is what hate it looks like
This it is its consequence
For all men in time will die:
But these deaths: they make no sense
Armenia and Namibia
They of holocaust knew too
And in years before the war
Of the things mankind can do.
This is but one of millions
Of victims in war who died
Innocents in the conflicts
Who to just survive they tried
But they were not combatants
In the wars fierce fighting caught
But they selected for their blood
Others said that die they aught.
The more that mankind they learn
The less man he seems to know
It could again tomorrow
What happened not long ago.

A Horse is a Horse

A horse is a horse and a man is a man
And neither can be the other
And each can survive but is much better
In the company of one another.
And while a horse is a horse and that is true
A horse is but a beast
As a cow is a cow, some ask how
On its flesh we should not feast?
For they do so in France as in other places
And I don\\\'t know how they can
For while a horse is a horse and is only a horse
It is less a cow than it is a man!

Life is But a Chess Game

It is just a game they say
There is nothing to prove
A pawn a rook to win or lose
It matters not... but its your move

Life is but a chess game
Each move is to wield a sword
And you may lose or you may win
The Dance of the Chequered Board

To play or not you have no choice
You must make a move each day
There is no timelimit in this game
The Chess Game of Life we play.

Haiku 29 - Snow Melted

Snow now melted, and gone
Winters bite is not as deep
But still causes pain.

Tomás Ó Cárthaigh

Born in Ballinasloe in 1976, Tomás works at security to pay the bills as there is little money in poetry! Writing for him is a passion, and he has featured at the Poets Express event in Bantry in 2009 and again in 2010. He is the current holder of the title at the Readings at the Pallet festival in his native banagher, and is published widely online and has featured in the World Poets Quarterly, Danse Macabre Ezine, is honourary member of the Immage & Poezie collective in Italy and runs his own small poetry magazine, Cartys Poetry Journal. He writes on all topics, from legends and culture to human rights and curent affairs. Predominanlty writing in rhyme, he also writes Haiku, and creates Videopoems published on his YouTube channel.

\\\'a person with a good book is never alone... a writer until they\\\'ve written one is never at peace\\\'



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