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Abd Arasaq Stito

We are coming back to Gaza

By :abd arasaq stito
It\'s given for peace activist soul \'Rachel corrie\'.

We are coming back to Gaza]]
Rachel said to land of Gaza
It Passionately. and she embraces
For you I came
Leaving behind me: dreams, family,
homeland, way , the first lesson
of the class and came to love you.
Rachel said: I defense you, my blood
bleeds on the sand of yours
as a river
to you becomes,
I water within it
your trees and dreams.
I came for roses of yours,
for trees of yours
For your children I came.
Hug me , hug me to extent to be two.
Hug me to the extent Splurge
Bring me back to existence
After embracing, dove, phoenix, poems,
revolutionary song
A chant of rain for children of Gaza
Mattress to their gardens bring me back. A
The land said to Rachel and she embraces it:
I love you, I defense you, I melt in your arms.
I unify with you, I come up the Curtains
ladder with you,
A dove in the sky I leave you.
An olive tree behind you I become

the loved ones deportees said:
with victory to Gaza we will come back.
Despite of yours, we are coming back.
The land is ours and the sea is ours
And in Gaza we left the step
And the chants a precious poem, and our heartbeats,
Across the land with convoys we are coming back.
Across the sea with ships we are coming back.
To break the siege ,we are coming back.
We don\'t fear killing with your pullets
We don\'t fear hitting with your guns
We don\'t fear your phosphorus
We don\'t fear your dogs, your gunshots
don\'t bend our will and drive us back.
Balfour\'s declaration is the myth of history,
Fear of bird…we discovered its secrets
to our sons.
The land is ours, why do you
steal its trees
and loot the plant of its.?
The land is Palestinian we have
been inherited from our forefathers
We grew up between its arms
taught us the step on it
and how to protect it when gets angry
with our forearms,
weaker than spider\'s web in our eyes.
Here is your siege, we will ruin it
with our axes and bring it back to you
stone by stone to throw it in your faces.
And we say to you:
get out of our land
and go away from us.

by: Abd Arasaq Stito.

Abd Arasaq Stito

poet and researcher from morocco. A
translated by:Karem Gudaih................................
[We must leave everything else and devote our life to end this situation.]
It\'s a message from Rachel to her parents.
16 march 2003 an Israeli military bulldozer has been attacked an American peace activist [Rachel corrie]
23 years old when she was trying to prevent the bulldozer from demolishing Palestinian house in Rafah city-Gaza strip.
In spite of this she was killed.

عبد الرزاق اسطيطو
شاعر وباحث مغربي

خريج جامعة عبد المالك السعدي، شعبة اللغة العربية و أدابها سنة 1997.
شارك في العديد من الملتقيات الشعرية الوطنية و العربية.
بدأ النشر للأبحاث النقدية و القصائد الشعرية في الصحف العربية و الوطنية، سنة 1993، مثل: العرب اليوم الأردنية، أخبار الأدب المصرية، السبيل الأردنية، العلم المغربية، المنطف المغربية، بيان اليوم المغربية، وكذا في المجلات المحكمة، مثل: المنارة المغربية، الحلقة المغربية…
له ديوان قيد الطبع:
شرفة الغريب..

وعدة دواوين شعرية تنتظر النشر..
وله ايضا ابحاث نقدية وتنظيرية حول الشعر قيد الطبع …



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