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Chiu Pin
The Silent Lover

My eyes are an awesome monster
Who wants me to erase you from the bottom of my heart
How can this be realized? Each and every day
It forces me to watch the street of hubbub

My ears are also an abhorrent devil
Who wants me to forget your from the bottom of my heart
How can this be realized? Each and every night
It forces me to listen to the song wafting from the back lane

O my distant lover
Be quick to play your flute
Dont you know their intention

O my distant lover
Be quick to open your eyes
Please open a peachblossom-like smile
And a megranate-flower-like smile

Alas, my lover is always all smiles
What on earth, has made him so taciturn

Hualianmeilun, April, 1955

Wafting Flowers

There is a kind of flowers which, upon warmth and heat, will melt
A patch of polygonal water mark will be left , on the palm
There is a kind of flowers, which love to rest on the brow and hair
Silently, it will dye the dark years white
There is a kind of flowers, which can deliver cold pieces of letter, into the pupil
To express the message of trembling coldness
There is a kind of flowers, which are dancing all over the sky, wafting with the wind
They become water upon touching water and become mud upon touching mud
There is a kind of flowers, which broadcast their ideal towards the wasteland
And they exploit the dreamland of frontier in the footsteps of flocks and herds
There is a kind of flowers, which are rootless, leafless, and odorless
And their career and fortune, is quite like me, and my name is

Water Bird

From a corner where it defies watching
Your beautiful posture of gliding
A water bird flies hither by fluttering its wings
Trippingly, your soft and tender web
Has stepped upon the lake of my face
With that, it has dived into the deep eddy
And is immersed

You skin-dive into the depth, exploring
And you have held in the mouth some joys, and some surprises
Oh! To swim away
You swim and swim leisurely
Across my neck, tender like water 
And on a tiny raised shoal, you come to a stop
You comb your hair, and your feather elegantly
Sitting silently for incubation, and you know that
A warm spring
Has already been, approaching
Taipei, 1975
(Tr.Zhang Zhizhong)

Chiu Pin
[1931 ], Taiwan, a prominent poet in contemporary China. His original name was Lu Keqi, and his pen name is Lu Di. His ancestral place is Zhenjiang City of Jiangsu Province. He went to Taiwan in 1949 where he began to write poems; he has ever joined in the Modern School originated by Ji Xian. In 1955, together with Chen Jinbiao and Wang Jingxian, he co-sponsored Seagull Poetry in Hualiangang of Taiwan. In 1997, he joined in poetry society of The Epoch Poetry; in 1999, he joined in the magazine of The Chinese Poetry International Quarterly [now The World Poets Quarterly], and from 2001 on up to now, he has been a specially invited editor-in-chief. He has ever won many poetry prizes within and without the country. Some of his poems have been translated into many foreign languages such as English, Russian, Portuguese, Greek, Polish, Italian, Romanian, Serbian and German, etc. His main works include poem collections such as Password for Lamp Signal, Season of Falling Flowers, Selected Poems by Chiu Pin[Chinese-English], and Selected Short Poems by Chiu Pin [Chinese-English]. Besides, he has edited Selected New Chinese Poems of the 20th Century [Chinese-English], etc.




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