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Ljubomir Mihajlovski
Before BigWar

What occurred before BigWar?
Numberless man, women and children
like dark braided whips
in the midst of the city lie dead.
In the moment when something
became unstable
there was the Big War.
The earth and hearth mingled
the view cloted.
The invasion of death ideals
have even the minds
darkned in hate.
Same with our war,
it starts from nothing
and grows bigger.
Where leads
pools of blood and pools of hearts!?
There lie the unburied graves
of those that hate and love.
In the underground
all we is same,
without politic,
without love,
without ideals
we are earth in the earth.


In the game of war
the death smiling lips of the Hebrews & Palestinians children
write history
of the human stupidity
don't knowing a single letter.

In the game of war
the death smiling eyes of the Hebrews & Palestinians children
wrote history
of the human stupidity
don't knowing a spark of love.

In the game of war
the death smiling hearts of the Hebrews & Palestinians children
wrote history
of the human stupidity
don't knowing a spread of friendship.


The children of destroyed fair-tales are sobbing.
At the midnight
they roam
and curse each other helplessly.
Here by the graves the silent weeping
soldiers bury our whishes
without butterflies
without tears
with the colour of war
torture and ashes.
The stones are weeping
we're alive,
but as we walk we are dead.
The heads fall.
Let's wait patiently,
for deaths yours and ours.
But prauers and religions are dead
as well as the civilisation.
is there anywhere anyone
to illuminate our way
to a new life???

Ljubomir Mihajlovski

Born: 06.May.1957
Veles, Macedonia
1976 Technician in economy,
1983 Craftsman in ceramics
1977- member of renewal board of poetry club Koco Racin , Veles - Macedonia
1979- Founder /with his brother prof. Aco Mihajlov/ and president of Youth Research Union in Veles.
Veles - Macedonia
Member of SFera - science fiction club - Zagreb - Croatia
1980 - Member of State Board of Macedonian Youth Research Actions - Skopje - Macedonia
1982- Member of World Science Fiction Association of Professionals - USA
1985- Founder and president of Vision science fiction centre of Macedonia - Veles - Macedonia
1987- Member of International Biographical Association - Cambridge - United Kingdom
1991- Board of Advisors - American Biographical Institute - North Carolina - USA
2001- Journalist Association of Macedonia - Skopje - Macedonia
2008- Writers Club International - Chandigarh - India
Creative works:
1978- Evening of Macedonian revolutionary poetry - Veles - Macedonia
Ethnology - research project- folk belief and folk customs- Vranje - Serbia
Empty Words- poem
1979- Ethnology - research project - folk costume - Prilep - Macedonia
Evening of Macedonian revolutionary poetry, Veles - Macedonia
1981- Visit science fiction stories - Zagreb - Croatia
Ethnology- research project - folk architecture - Bor - Serbia
Archeology-research project- Vinicko kale - Vinica - Macedonia
1983 - Correction - science fiction stories
1983-1984- Editor in Chief - Colaps - first Yugoslav radio serial - Veles - Macedonia
1986- A Generation Gift - science fiction stories
Editor in Chief - Vision - Macedonian Science Fiction Magazine
Founder and Art Director of Days of Science Fiction - Macedonian science fiction convention
/in 2008 was XXIII edition of convention/
Founder and Lecturer of Summer Science Fiction School, Veles - Macedonia
1993- Art in Ceramics, Veles - Macedonia
1994- Art in Ceramic, Veles - Macedonia
1995- Voyage - science fiction TV serial
1996- 2004 Message from the Future -science fiction radio serial - Veles - Macedonia
1997- Author of Where Are You Going Man- first Macedonian SF film
1998- Solitude Flyer - science fiction poetry
Life, Intellect and I - science fiction children multimedia project
1999- Little Jo - children book
Life, Intellect and I - children book
2000 - Solitude Flyer - radio drama
2001 - Crucifixion of Macedonia - radio documentary
2002- Discovering of Existence - radio drama & book
Last wall in Europe - radio documentary
2003- Paradox of the moment - radio drama
Sensitive - radio drama/with Maria Mihajlovska/
2004- Jacob from Macedonia print books in Venice - radio drama
Im I, but I am too You - radio drama/with Milan Andreevski/
2005-New Oedipus - radio drama
Master Andrea Damjanov build church - radio drama
2006- Az, buki - radio drama/with Goran Grkov/
New hope- radio drama/with Goran Grkov/
2007- Space light - science fiction poetry &radio drama
2008- Cocoon death - science fiction poetry
His articles/ critical literature analyses, lectures, referats etc./ was appear in many books, magazines, newspapers, festival rapports and festival books
1983- VI World Science Fiction Convention - Zagerb - Croatia
1986- XI European Science Fiction convention - Zagreb - Croatia
1991- Poetry Day of Australia - Melbourne - Australia
1997- International Festival of European TV Broadcasting - Kosice - Slovakia
2000- Prix-Europa - Berlin- Germany
2001-Poetry Day of Australia - Melbourne - Australia
2001-Prix-Europa-Berlin - Germany
2002- Prix-Europa - Berlin - Germany
2003- First Global conference - Vision of humanity, cyberculture, cyberpunk and science fiction,
Prague, Czech
Prix-Europa, Berlin - Germany
Organizer of International Festival of Antique Drama Stobi , Veles, Macedonia
2004- Prix- Europa, Berlin - Germany
Prix Marulic, Hvar - Croatia
International Festival of Antique Drama Stobi, Veles - Macedonia
2005- Prix-Europa, Berlin - Germany
Prix-Marulic, Hvar - Croatia
International Festival of Antique Drama Stobi, Veles - Macedonia
2006- Prix- Europa, Berlin - Germany
Prix-Marulic, Hvar - Croatia
International Festival of Antique Drama Stobi , Veles - Macedonia
2007- International Festival of Antique Drama Stobi, Veles - Macedonia
2008- Research Foundation International Sahitya Bharati [Academy of Literature], Delhi - India
IV International Writers Festival , Ambal Cantt-Haryana-India

1978- Ransom award for poem Empty words , Veles - Macedonia
1979- Diploma from poetry manifestation Voice of Majority , Skopje - Macedonia
1981- Recognition for organization and performing of Macedonian Youth Research Actions,
Skopje - Macedonia
1991- Certificate of Poetry Day of Australia, Melbourne - Australia
1992- Commemorative Medal of Honor-American Biographical Institute, Religh -USA
1993- Vision- Macedonian Science Fiction Award , Veles - Macedonia
1996- Golden Coin - Board of Advisors-American Biographical Institute, Religh - USA
1997- Memorial Plaque of City Veles for efforts in culture development of city Veles,
Veles - Macedonia
2001- Golden Medalion - Dove of Peace - Poetry Day of Australia, Melbourne - Australia
2002- Research of the year 2001 - American Biographical Institute, Religh - USA
2008- Felicitation from Research Foundation International - Academy of Literature and various literary-academic organizations of Delhi in recognition of outstanding contribution in the field of literature, Culture and Value Education for World Peace, Delhi- India
Certificates of IV International Writers Festival for presentation of:
- Macedonian Science Fiction,
- Discovering of Existence - science fiction poetry
- Where are you going man- science fiction film
- For spreading of World Peace
Ambala Cantt-Haryana - India
His biography appear in many books printed in Ex-Yugoslavia and from 1989 was appear in worldwide books printed by International Biographical Centre , Cambridge -United Kingdom and American Biographical Institute , Religh - USA



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