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XII International meeting of poetry in Chile. 26th October to 5th November 2016

Year by year, since the beginning of this international meeting of poetry -October 2005-, that was created to conquer an ambitious project: the unity of the poets, that want to defend the life and the planet. Every year since that date, poets from different part of the world has come to Chile to participate in this emblematic meeting.

This year poets of the world, will turns to 11 years since it borns, we’ll celebrated in the land of national poets as: Pablo Neruda; Gabriela Mistral; Vicente Huidobro and Oscar Castro. In their houses and in their graves, we will give out our peace message, the same that we have taken to every corner of the planet, always accompanied with those poets that left us a valuable legacy in our struggle for life.

This year, our meeting will have a Melipilla as it center of the event, from this pleace we will leave through the different places take our poetry of love, peace and always in defense of our threatened planet.



Wednesday, October 26 (1 day)

Arrival, accreditation and install hotel

 17:00 to 18:00 Visit the House-Museum "La Chascona". House in Santiago that belonged to Pablo Neruda.

21:30: Welcome dinner.


Thursday 27 (2nd day)

Free morning (travel time to rest or to go to change money at exchange houses)

13:00 Lunch

15: 00-17: 00 Meeting with students of the National Institute. Santiago.

20:00 Dinner


Friday, October 28 (3rd day)

09: 00 = Departure to Rancagua and San Fernando: visits, talks, presentations at various sites.

In the morning presentation in Rancagua with local poets and Oscar Castro Foundation.

13: 00 = Lunch in Rancagua.

16: 00 = public event in San Fernando

17:00 to 18:00 = Visit and meeting with writers in the library of San Fernando

18:00 to 18:30 = Reception hosted by the library of San Fernando.

21: 00 = Dinner in Santiago.


Saturday 29 October (4th day)

09: 00 = Departure to Isla Negra.

11: 00 = Visit the house museum of the poet Pablo Neruda

13: 00 = Lunch in Cartagena

15: 00 = reading poems at the grave of Vicente Huidobro in Cartagena.

16: 00 = Visit and reception at "The World of Poets".

18:00 - 21: 00 = poetic Event - Cultural and dinner in the city of Melipilla.

21:00 = departure to Santiago.


Sunday, 30 October (5th day)

09: 00 = Departure to Valparaiso

11: 00 = Visit home-museum "La Sebastiana" Pablo Neruda

12: 00 = Reading poetry in the Plaza of the Poets of Valparaiso.

13: 00 = Lunch in Valparaiso

15:00 16: 00 = Visit the port of Valparaiso.

17: 00 = poetic conversations with poets and writers of Viña del Mar in Gustavo Castillo Wulff.


Monday, 31 October (6th day)

09: 00 = Departure to the commune of Maria Pinto,

10:00 - 12: 00 = Visit to school Maria Pinto.

12:15 - 13: 30 = Reading in the municipality of Maria Pinto.

14: 00 = Lunch in Maria Pinto.

16: 00 = Return to Santiago.

19: 00 = Event Huechuraba

Dinner in Huechuraba.


Tuesday, November 1 (7th day)

09: 00 = Departure to Coquimbo

12:30 - 14: 00 = Lunch in Los Vilos.

17: 00 = Arrival and hotel facility in Coquimbo.

18:00 - 20: 00 = Walk along Avenida del Mar and visit La Serena.

20: 00 = poetic Tertulia in La Serena - Dinner.


Wednesday, November 2 (8th day)

08:30 Departure Elqui Valley all day. Visit the city of Vicuña

Visit Museum Gabriela Mistral and poetry readings.

Visit Montegrande school, Mausoleum and poetry reading.

20:00 = Dinner in Coquimbo.


Thursday, November 3 [9th day]

09:00 - 10: 00 = Visit the Fort of Coquimbo.

10: 00 = Departure from Coquimbo to Los Vilos.

12:00 Meeting with local fishermen. Lunch in Puerto Oscuro.

18:00: Ceremony at the "World Poets Square" with officials, writers, poets, and community.

20:00: Dinner.


Friday, November 4 [10 ° day]

Visit the Choapa (Illapel and Canela)


Saturday 5 Noviembrebre [11 ° day]

08:00 Breakfast with artisanal fishermen of Los Vilos

Visit in management area. Lunch prepared by fishermen.

18:00 Closing Ceremony in Los Vilos.


Sunday November 5 [12 ° day]

09: 00 = Breakfast:

10: 00 = Return to Santiago arriving at 13:00 Hrs.

13:00 - 14: 00 = Lunch in Santiago.

Poets return to their respective countries.


The poets who decide to stay longer in Chile, is reserved the hotel, but it is paid by the participant.



Room type: SIMPLE (u$ d 1290) _ double (u$ d 1200) _

THIS VALUE INCLUDES: 10 nights of hotel (26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 October, 1, 2, 3 and 4 of November 2016); transport in Chile during the meeting (you will travel approximately 2500 Km.), all meals, visits, Diplomas, credentials and participation in the anthology of the meeting, which will be published once the event is finished with the Chilean and foreign participants.



The poet (or passenger) must pay a reservation, without that payment we cannot regard the poet registered (this payment is non-refundable).

This fee of u$ 300 will be deducted from the total value. The balance, depending on the type of room that choose, must pay is to the arrival to Santiago of Chile.



1. by Western Union, Money Gram, Afex, etc... a name of:

Luis Hernan Arias Manzo / document: 7.563.585-0 / address: Santa Rosa 276- E SANTIAGO DE CHILE / cell: + 569 8811 6084

2. with credit card:

This payment is of u$ 300 + cost of shipping that is of u$ 20 = u$ 320 (if paid with card of credit).


REGISTRATION [fill out and send]

Full name:


Address Postal in place of residence:



Will it present a paper? (Maximum 15 minutes)

Title and abstract of the presentation:

Will it present a book? (Maximum 10 minutes)

Title of the book:

(Attach details of the book and brief)

Are you a "Poet Of The World?

If so what is your ID?:

If not, do you want to join our movement?

Note: send 5 poems of his authorship, a synthesis biographical and a photographydigital recent.


*Observations (particularities individual that us help to the optimal care of each participant, for example, if the participant is 






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