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Formosa International Poetry Festival in Tamsui, Taiwan, 2016

TAIWAN: Formosa International Poetry Festival 2016, will be held during September 1~7, 2016 in Tamsui, a beautiful District in New Taipei City, Taiwan. In order to provide best hospitality to all participating poets, we will accept 15 foreign poets only, according to the sequential order of registration, before June 15, 2016 or earlier, if the 15 participants are fully registered.  In registration, please transmit us the registration form as attached hereunder and remit the registration fee as follows:

In favor of the participating poets we try to reduce the Registration fee in best price, namely, in Single room, each US$850; and Double beds room with family member or friend, each US$700. The Registration fee includes accommodations, meals, excursions, local transportation, translation of the poems for inclusion into the Anthology and free complimentary copy.

For hotel reservation and all preparations exactly, please remit your registration fee in a lump sum payment to:

A/C with Bank: Cathay United Bank, Taipei, Taiwan


Bank Address: 3F, No. 65, Guan Chien Rd., Taipei, Taiwan

Beneficiary’s name: Lee Kuei-shien

Account No. 019080227178

Beneficiary’s Telephone No. 886-02-2716 9963


Reservation Form: Please transmit the following Reservation Form to

e-mail: kslee.poet@gmail.com


Complete Name:


Passport Number:

Residence Address:

Telephone Number:

E-mail Address:

Reservation for:               single room                double room



Taiwán: Segundo El Festival Internacional de poesía de Formosa 2016, se llevará a cabo del 1 al 7 de septiembre 2016 en Tamsui, un bonito barrio de la Nueva Taipei, Taiwán. Con el fin de ofrecer la mejor hospitalidad a todos los Poetas participantes. Habrá cupo para 15 participantes internacionales, según el orden de inscripción, antes del 31 de mayo de 2016, si los 15 participantes completamente registrados. En el registro, nos transmite el formulario de inscripción que adjunto a continuación y remitir la cuota de inscripción como sigue:

A favor de los Poetas participantes tratamos de reducir la cuota de inscripción en el mejor precio, es decir, en habitación individual, US$ 850; y en habitación doble US$ 700. La cuota de inscripción incluye alojamiento, comidas, excursiones, transporte local, traducción de los poemas as para su inclusión en la antología, la que se le entregará gratuitamente 1 ejemplar a cada poeta participante.

Para reserva de hotel y todas las preparaciones exactamente, por favor remitir su inscripción en un pago de suma global a:

A/C with Bank: Cathay United Bank, Taipei, Taiwan


Bank Address: 3F, No. 65, Guan Chien Rd., Taipei, Taiwan

Beneficiary’s name: Lee Kuei-shien

Account No. 019080227178

Beneficiary’s Telephone No. 886-02-2716 9963


Enviar Formulario de Inscripción al siguiente correo electrónico: kslee.poet@gmail.com


Complete Name (Nombre complete):

Nationality (Nacionalidad):

Passport Number (Número de Pasaporte):

Residence Address (Dirección postal):

Telephone Number (Número de Teléfono):

E-mail Address (Correo Electrónico:

Reservation for (Reserva habitación en):               single room                double room


Attachtment:Program of Events in Brief:


September 1, 2016, Thursday

15:00 Shuttle bus will be departed from Taoyuan International Airport to

            the hotel in Tamsui.

19:00 Welcome party hosted by Chairman of  Tamsui Culture Foundation.


September 2, 2016, Friday

10:00 Opening ceremony to be inaugurated by new elected first female Taiwan

            President Tsai Ing-wen.

12:00 Lunch.

14:00 Key speech on “Tamsui History and Culture”.

16:00 Poetry recital in Tamkang University and communication with students.

19:00 Dinner, hosted by Commissioner of Cultural Affair, New Taipei City.


September 3, 2016, Saturday

09:00 Visiting historical culture memorial sites and statues.

12:00 Lunch in Aletheia University, poetry recital and communication with


16:00 Café break at Tamsui Riverside, poetry recital while appreciation of

            mountain, water and sunset.

19:00 Dinner, hosted by Supervisor of Tamsui District.


September 4, 2016, Sunday

09:00 Visiting artistic village in Sanjhih District to appreciate puppet drama 

            performance, etc.

12:00 Lunch in Sanjhih to taste local foods.

14:00 Visiting Ju Ming Sculpture Museum and others, Fugue Cape Lighthouse

             established in 1897, Yehliu Geopark, etc.  Poetry rcital.

19:00 Dinner, hosted by Supervisor of Sanjhih District.


September 5, 2016, Monday

09:00 Departure for keelung.

12:00 Lunch with students of Kelung schools, poetry recital and

            communication with students

16:00 Visiting National Museum of Marine Science and Technology.

19:00 Dinner, hosted by Commissioner of Cultural Affair, Keelung City.


September 6, 2016, Tuesday

09:00 Visiting in separate groups to various schools in Tamsui District and

            poetry recital shared with students.

12:00 Lunch in respective school.

14:00 Boating across Tamsui River to Bali District to visit Shihsanhang Museum

             of Archaeology.

19:00 Farewell dinner party hosted by Minister, Ministry of Culture.


September 7, 2016, Wednesday

09:00 Shuttle bus departed from Hotel to Taoyuan International Airport. 






Luis Arias Manzo -
Fundador - Secretario General
Athanase Vantchev de Thracy -
Presidente Mundial
Maggy Gómez Sepúlveda -
Sub-Secretaria General
Lee Kuei-shien - Taiwán
Vice President for Asia and Taiwan Ambassador



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